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The Meaning of Life
(One idea worth considering)

I don't claim to have all the answers. Many of your best insights can be those you discover yourself. I see my role more as a catalyst, helping you find what works best for you.

Still, here's one of the ideas that work for me:

A corny film with a profound concept
You've probably seen It's a Wonderful Life, an old film starring Donna Reed and James Stewart. It used to run about 100 times every Christmas season. Apparently, the original copyright lapsed. TV stations could run it free of royalties. Now that copyrights are re-established, it doesn't run as often.

Many find this 1946 film a bit corny with its greeting-card, happy ending, but there's also a profound idea here.

George Bailey, played by James Stewart, is blamed for his bank's failure. In despair, he's ready jump in an icy river to end it all.

An angel appears and magically shows him what his town would be like, if he'd never existed. It's a much worse place (though it's "horrors" include lots of jazz playing in clubs on Main Street :).

Your world, with or without you
George understands how much better his town is with him still in it. And here's the message. The answers are in the questions we can ask:

What kind of world is this because I'm here? What impact am I having on my family, friends, strangers on the street... on the world as a whole? What can I do, or not do, to make it better? Maybe much better than if I'd never existed,

I think questions like these are worth plenty of thought - and plenty of action.


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