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The Deep Integrity Pledge
A good way to change ourselves - and the world

Adapted from the Mission Statement I wrote for, with input and help from many other volunteers:

I will strive to keep improving this pledge, my effectiveness and the beneficial results of all my actions.

Deep integrity
I will live my life with consistently deep integrity, going beyond "the golden rule" to do more for people and our world than most people usually expect.

This can start with treating all people as I would like to be treated, working in a very open, generous, fully honest and exemplary way, free of equivocation or other questionable practices.

I will work to empower the public, my clients, staff and volunteers, providing them with educational and vocational opportunities - that all my work can also help improve communication and understanding between individuals, cultures, religions and nations.

I will remain open to suggestions on how I can do better, even when I get requests in a less than ideal manner or from people that others consider unworthy of respect.

Socially conscious
I will work to get to the roots of major challenges and contribute to much better alternatives on individual, community, national, global and spiritual levels.

I will also work to help make the world more sustainable, just, peaceful and beautiful now and for all future generations.

Bill Blackman
Founder and President
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Article above by Bill
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