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What's up and down about The Sixties
The "awe-full" pitfalls and great potential of change

I grew up in the Sixties and Seventies. These were certainly interesting times. I find life now is even more so.

Part of what made it great to be alive in the Sixties was that many people seriously, joyfully and creatively questioned society. We were actively seeking alternatives to conformity and materialism.

Sex, drugs, rock and roll
Inspired by the great music of this era, we tried many new activities and ideas. This included healthier food and a less materialistic, more natural and sustainable lifestyle.

The Sixties also included lots of reckless behavior. Society is still paying the price for the idea that recreational drugs and quick sex solve problems.

Looking back, it seems foolish that so many people believed these activities were an essential part of a fulfilling life. How times change. I think we also grew up.

Karmic cosmetics
We believed drugs give profound insights. And I'm sure sometime we actually learned something. But I don't believe it's ever anything we couldn't have learned better in other ways.

I agree with those who call drugs karmic cosmetics. Makeup can change someone's physical, superficial appearance, and they may feel better about it for a while, but eventually it's washed away.

Lasting physical, mental and spiritual health comes through better, safer methods. It may take some effort, but it's well worth it.

That's it for the other one
Another common mistake in the Sixties was to demonize our opponents.

We often strengthen the resolve - and add to the numbers - of those we aggressively oppose. In his book Be Here Now, published in 1971, Baba Ram Das points out, correctly I think, that police make hippies and hippies make police. In several science fiction films I've seen, the enemy absorbs all the hostile energy shot at them, sending it back deadlier than ever.

Love your enemies, the Bible says. Easier said than done, and I think a bit simplistic at face value when it comes to terrorists who want to kill us.

But the Bible also says justice brings peace. Now that's food for thought.

It's always a good time to transform your life and help change the world.

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