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Business Consulting
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How We Can Help You - a quick summary

Ways to Build Your Business - specific services

Professional Experience - how this prepares Bill to help you

Recommendations from Satisfied Clients for Bill's marketing and communications work

Testimonials from Bill's vocational coaching, nonprofit work and more

The Deep Integrity Pledge for you - and the world

Rates, Discounts, Guarantees and additional helpful information

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Photo of two smiling Haitian girlsTwo Haitian girls look forward to
a better future near Hinche, Haiti

Life Coaching
NewZoom CoachingSM - how it works for greater happiness, achievement and success

Specific Ways It Can Help

More Coaching Info - how it can help you, discounts, guarantees and more

Testimonials on Bill's Skills - section guide

Client Testimonials - first-hand life coaching experiences

Recommendations for Bill's vocational coaching, nonprofit work and more

More Recommendations from Bill's marketing and communications work

Satisfaction Guaranteed - your value assured

Info on Bill - knowledge and experience, and how he works for your best success

  • Ideas and Vision - Bill's further thoughts on spirituality, integrity, and you

Rates, Discounts and Refunds - very affordable

More on Discounts, Refunds, Other Important Info

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How to Prepare and get more from your very first session

Important Notes and Disclaimers from the material to the spiritual

Inspiration for You
Section Guide

Quotes - insight and motivation

Links - more ways  to change your world


Actions to improve your mood, life and world

Inspiring Articles
Section Guide

The Deep Integrity Pledge - a good way to change ourselves - and the world

A New Way of Being - more ways to change

The Secret and the Law of Attraction - what's good and bad about it

The Meaning of Life - one idea worth considering

What's up and down about The Sixties - the "awe-full" pitfalls and great potential of change

Section Guide

Summary - goals for improvising and a new jam band
This page currently inactive: How to Hear Bill's 2011 Music Clips

More on Bill and His Music

Influences and a book on improvisation

Jam Band Ideas

Playlist Suggestions, nice music videos,  some guitar tab

Photo of Haitian woman carrying heavy load on her headWe all can use help carrying burdens and
reaching our destinations in life. Papaye, Haiti

A Photographic Philosophy with a portfolio from New York City, the USA, Latin America and China

One Day's Photos in NYC - split seconds in the procession of time

Brazil  |  A Few More from Brazil


Beautiful People

Abraham - immigrant from Burkina Faso, serious boxer and student striving for a better life

Ann - a beautiful smile

Mike - working for big changes

Additional Photos

Price List

Writing and Photography Projects
The Beautiful People ProjectTM

Beautiful People

Some Thoughts on Ethics, Sex, Sexual Identity, Modeling, Acting, Fashion and Fitness

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Website design services
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Joining a Local CSA - a share in an upstate farm

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