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revious experience, how this can help you

Standing by "Washington Crossing the Delaware".
In 1776, Washington creatively led a losing revolution towards freedom to empower everyone, not just an elite

This adds a bit more to my Ideas and Vision and Professional Experience: A secret : ) goal of this Life Coach is to offer you Life Coaching that's as helpful as possible.
The art of life
I'll work to help you succeed in a sometimes cold, difficult world. You can have great victories, too!

I've successfully overcome big challenges, and I believe you can do the same.

My difficulties included poor social skills, shyness, low self-esteem, an unhealthy lifestyle, underachievement, addictions, anger, chronic stress, depression and more.

As I've found, rough experiences can be major sources of strength, leading to plenty of good.

Insights came from therapy, study and ongoing, careful attention to what works for me and others.

Therapy helped me in valuable ways, but it wasn't always efficient. Sometimes, it held me back. At its best, therapy transforms and even saves lives, and maybe it did for me.

On the other hand, I don't know of any therapists who'd give you a full refund on any session, if you're not satisfied that their help is worth many times what you pay. I will.

Coaching vs. therapy?
I don't claim to be a substitute for psychotherapy. If you need or want it, I can help you find a good therapist. Even if you're in therapy, my coaching can accelerate your progress in life.

In addition to my own extensive therapy, I've continued to learn and create additional methods. Over time, I found how to make rapid, joyful progress.

Close up of building pilaster (flat column)Many things work together in our lives

Since I had to struggle for what others take for granted, I can see clearly what makes a difference. I learned the hard way what can make it much easier for you.

I’ve achieved breakthroughs in many areas. Some are proven by years of experience. Others are fairly new and keep getting better all the time. My world keeps opening with wonderful opportunities for the best success.

Of course, I don’t have all the answers, and I’m not perfect (yet :), but I have a valuable, fulfilling, contented and increasingly joyful life.

Though I've had many successes, I am not super rich or famous (yet : ). That may change, though wealth and fame are not my top priority. I am excited by how my life keeps growing.

Yours can, as well.Photo of girl in Andes Mountains, Otavalo, Ecuador

Goals for life
I have a strong interest to see you achieve your full potential through guaranteed Life Coaching.

Photo of yellow flower on a "weed" in the Andes Mountains, EcuadorYou, too, can find beauty in new places

If you’d like to improve your life, I can help. This may include how to find a new job, improve your career, relationships, happiness and more.

For you
I could also learn from you. Even if sometimes you think you don't have much new to offer, you do, as I think you’ll see, if we meet.

My life's work is to help individuals and larger communities profoundly improve their lives. Let's see what I can do for you with an introductory session!

Any questions? Just ask. I’m here to help!

Thank you for considering working with me,


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