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Further Thoughts
Bill's philosophy, ethics and interests

Photo of weeds growing in an old street.Life keeps growing,
Antigua, Guatemala

This adds a bit more to my Summary and Professional Experience.The A secret : ) goal of this Life Coach is to offer you Life Coaching that's as helpful as possible.
I believe fairly strongly in God, though not how many expect.

I do not promote or oppose a religion. And I'm happy to help people with a wide range of religious beliefs or none at all.

My own quest ranged from hedonism to asceticism. It included solo backpacking in the wild, communes and farming, prayer and meditation. My studies ranged from ethical atheism to Vedantic Hinduism.

Years of spiritual work brought me powerful experiences and insights that I like to share.

Integrity and more
As taught by many traditions, what I call deep integritySM. It means always treating others and our world the best as we can. It is not just avoiding self-serving "gray areas". We can be pro-actively generous and helpful. All this brings great joy and wonderful results.

Generosity is its own reward - and often returns to us multiplied. Benefits go way beyond material things.

Open-mindedness leads to new, valuable ideas. Inspiring goals energize us.

I encourage you to see for yourself.

I've put in writing a formal pledge to give at least 20 percent of my 2013 and 2014 taxable income to help end extreme poverty and for other vital public service projects. I write this not to brag (or seem foolish :), but so you can see that I stand behind what I say about integrity.

I'm ambitious to help more people. On February 3, 2013, I officially started work on an "instruction manual" filled with ways to live fully and deeply successfully. . I'm writing it for regular people like you.

It's now 95,000 words in a very rough draft, and growing, It will take some time to make it high quality, ready to help many people with a wide range of challenges. Here's a small sample.

Priceless gifts
I'm far from perfect to be sure, but I feel I've received a priceless gift: A growing passion to set a good example in every action, large and small. And to stay open to further improvement.

That's the kind of leadership I encourage you to develop, as well (or better :).

An even bigger gift is helping others to do good things with their lives, too.

But let's not be overambitious. For now, we can start on one planet at a time :)

Hubcab, tire, rrash can and subway grate harmonize a patternYou'll find interesting patterns
in places others overlook: Earth,
Milky Way Galaxy, detail:

Other interests
I've enjoyed photography since the age of 12. My work appears throughout this website and elsewhere, seen by millions of people.

Though I'm still learning, I love improvising music on piano and keyboards. I've started writing socially conscious songs.

I also find fulfillment in warm friendships, working out, the outdoors, travel, volunteering, art, film, languages, reading, news and politics (especially the big picture), good conversations, gardening, spirituality, psychology and achieving more of our potential.

If you're used to more conventional professionals, this may seem new: I'm open to being friends with my clients and often am. If you'd like to know how this could work with you, just ask!

Developing yourself
I think everyone benefits from a well-rounded life. It's also great to have a central purpose.

Though I don't agree with everything Ralph Nader did, I admire him in many ways including his quote:

The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.

Are you ready to take the lead for your life? I'm here to help!

Thanks for considering new ways of thinking,


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