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Important Notes and Disclaimers
Important considerations for you

Pattern of buildings on W 34th St, NYCWhat seemed a block can take you to higher levels  My "secret" goal as a life coach is to offer life coaching that's as helpful as possible for you.
I think it's important to clarify how I work with my clients.

Rates and fees
Except when paid in advance, rates and discounts are subject to change. This will be posted here. Currently active clients are informed at least two weeks in advance.

Advance notice required for cancellations.

Please see Rates and Discounts.

Your coaching sessions are always kept absolutely confidential.

Disclaimers and recommendations
Satisfaction Guaranteed in a generous but limited warranty.

NewZoom Coaching works to provide value many times what you pay. This refers to all the benefits of a better life. It is not a guarantee of specific financial returns or an offer to pay for any problems that come up in your life. We all live our lives at our own risk.

I may have valuable suggestions for a wide range of issues, and I offer these at an affordable rate. Nonetheless, I do not claim to be a substitute for psychiatrists, psychotherapists, social workers, medical doctors, nutritionists, lawyers, executive recruiters, physical trainers or other specialists.

In any case, I strongly recommend seeking many sources of advice for any substantial challenge, especially serious ones. If either of us decides that my help isn't appropriate now, I'm still happy to suggest other sources of help. I do not endorse or take responsibility for your treatment by them - and I do not accept any referral fees from people or organizations that I suggest.

Spiritual advice
I'm happy to share spiritual ideas and techniques that help bring me success and joy, but I do not claim any connection to God beyond what I believe is readily available to you. I am not a guru, priest, pastor, imam or rabbi. I don't need to convert you.

I have great respect for many spiritual leaders, especially those who also teach by their substantial actions for their communities and for a more peaceful, just, beautiful and sustainable world.

Age, ID and physical limitations
If you're under 18, you must have signed permission from a parent or guardian and share all sessions with at least one individual
over 18 authorized by them.

Any participant may be asked to show a government issued, photo ID such as a drivers license or passport, for the safety of everyone who shares the building where we may meet.

If you are ill or physically challenged, I may visit your location at no extra charge. Discounts may also be available.

Thanks for considering how I can help you,


You can contact me now:

Phone and text: 1-917-428-1061  |  Skype: bill.newzoom  |  E-mail:

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