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A strong warranty

I guarantee your complete satisfaction:
 My "secret" goal as a life coach is to offer life coaching that's as helpful as possible for you.
NewZoom Coaching will give you insights and techniques that are valuable for the rest of your life.

Picture of exultant woman by NYC bridgeContentment assured

I back this up with many years of demonstrated integrity and experience in a wide range of fields.

My advice is given as one person's suggestions for you to consider. It's based on my knowledge, insights and experience, but we each live our lives at our own risk. Please see Important Notes and Disclaimers.

The proof comes from giving it a good chance to work.

Of course I can't predict your specific life coaching results - that's up to you. And you'll deserve the benefits and credit of your more effective work and deeper success.

You can receive extensive advice that could make you materially more successful, but the main focus is living an all-around better life.

Refunds cheerfully given if you find any NewZoom services are not worth many times what you paid.

If you're not completely satisfied with any session, you will receive a prompt refund. You can also get a pro-rated refund for pre-paid sessions.

Refunds are further explained in Rates and Discounts

Thanks for your interest,


PS: Consider a free, introductory life coaching session to accelerate your progress.

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