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Photo of a happy manWe're energized by expecting what's good.
Even better: finding ways to achieve it!

Here are websites that you, too, may find surprisingly uplifting:

The "ultimate secret" in one sentence?
The Bible - this one verse offers an idea that changed my life. You, too, can transcend rigid fundamentalist, literalist limitations. This site offers side-by-side,  multiple English translations.

Take a fresh look
Bible - side by side multilingual - great way to learn and improve languages (choose your own languages :)
     I especially like Isaiah chapter 58, I Corinthians chapter 13, just about the entire book of  Proverbs, and Psalms 1, 15, 23, 24, 27, 36, 37, 39-41, 82, 112 and 119.
     Even here, I don't think it's all meant to be taken literally. Please see words from Buddha
here (though I don't always agree with him : ).

I like Rami Shapiro's translation of Proverbs.

Thanks to a new client, Ed, I've started enjoying the loving, open-minded spirituality of Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditations.

More books: Self Help  |  Help Others.

Educational and light-hearted
What does God really look like? : )

Great expectations
The Secret - the first 20 minutes free in Youtube.

Affirmation Homepage explains Emil Coue's affirmation that Bill rephrases as:

Every day in every way, we're getting better and better.

See also our web page on The Secret and the Law of Attraction - what's good and bad about it

Further food for thought on easy inspiration.

Change your world
Inspiration and Information for Change - helpful advice on a very wide range of issues facing you, your family, community and world

The End Poverty Campaign - a more effective plan to help end extreme global poverty

And here's more Inspiration for YouSM


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