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Photo of intricately painted Chinese roof beamsYour life can be a beautiful work of art
with strong support for your highest goals

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View from east bank of the Hudson River near Bear Mountain Bridge, c. 1997. LINK to photo portfolio.


Photo of yellow flower on a "weed" in the Andes Mountains, EcuadorYou can find beauty in all seasons

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Beach and rock formation on llha Grande ("Big Island"), Brazil, 2002 . FOLLOW THIS LINK to more photos of BrazilAs we raise our gaze, an ocean of possibilities awaits

A Photographic Philosophy with a portfolio from New York City, the USA, Latin America and more

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Photos, from top: intricately painted Chinese roof beams, Beijing, 2004; middle: autumn view of Hudson river near Bear Mountain, New York, 1999; lower right: Ilha Grande ("Big Island"), Brazil, 2002
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