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Ideas for a Band
Goals, format and logistics

The main goal is to have fun and create some beautiful music.

I don't see this as a full-time project. I'm not available for frequent late night shows or lots of touring. This doesn't need to be a major source of income for me.

I've started writing songs that I think have strong hooks and commercial potential. I'm open to co-writing songs.

I'd like us to do lots of improvisation, even more during practice, up to 20 minutes for some songs. I see our practice sessions taking risks, trying new ideas, hitting some "wrong" notes on the way to something new that others will enjoy a lot, too.

I'd like to us to get tight enough to perform for others, even if we never perform the same song exactly the same. Rather than playing many different songs each time we meet, we could start with a playlist of perhaps 10 songs and get really good at them.

Let’s move beyond formal taking turns with solos to something more fluid:

All this is hopefully just a starting point. I’m looking to move beyond imitating other bands and over time create our own sound.

I prefer making music with a range of dynamics rather than always at maximum volume, but I'm flexible if other musicians disagree.

Band logistics
I have lots of ideas for a band name - and I'm open to yours. We can share logistics, time and costs equally.

Unless we find free rehearsal space, I suggest that whoever puts their $ on the line and books the studio jams free. We can take turns with this.

I'd like the band to rehearse together at least once a week for a total of 3 - 6 hours/week, in addition to the individual practice we each do. For rehearsals, I'm most often free Friday evening and just about any time Saturday afternoon through Monday evening. I may be able to change my schedule for other times.

No drugs please (not needed :). I'm not judging people who use them, though drugs have ruined many lives.

I agree that drugs sometimes help open minds, though they can also mess one up. Drugs probably changed history in the Sixties, in many ways for the better. But I believe there are safer, more sustainable ways to raise consciousness than this one-sided video.

If we buy illegal drugs, we're subsidizing awful violence and corruption. I'm not judging you, and drugs are not my personal crusade, I just wanted to explain why I prefer to avoid drugs.

Of course, "drug war" policies share the blame for many problems, and they put hundreds of thousand of people in prison. In European nations with more enlightened, less punishing drug policies, fewer people have drug addition problems.

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