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Social change
My day job is the End Poverty Campaign. Our website also has lots of inspiring and helpful info on a wide range of issues. This gets about 2 million visitors a year. I also do some life coaching and business consulting.

All my life experiences influence my writing.

You don't have to feel as strongly as I do about public service or ending extreme poverty, but if we do end up creating commercially successful songs, I hope you would like a percentage of our profits to help others.

I'm a big believer that great things come from good actions. This includes everything from how we treat each other all the way to how we can help make our world better.

I'm open to your ideas for the band, too!

A short history of growing up and music
I grew up in the late Sixties and early Seventies. I was too young to be actively involved during the peak of the hippies, though I was influenced by their openness, idealism and creativity. When the music plays, a great potential for change still resonates...

...and it can sound loud and clear in the new sounds we can create! Let's embrace a wide range of influences... We can go where no music's gone before : ), where many people really want to go with songs they'd really like to hear...

I first wanted to create music that inspired people when I was 19, and seriously worked towards this goal off and on for years. Now I'm enthusiastically returning to music after a hiatus and developing my own unique style.

Music's a great influence in my life, and I'd love to share that far and wide. I'm 59 and happy to play with musicians of all ages, both male and female.

New songs and ideas
I've started writing songs that I think have great hooks and commercial potential. Your songs are also welcome! The band may also start with covers, though I'd like to do them in new ways rather than copy things note for note.

I love music and songs that are innovative, thought provoking and stir strong emotions. And it's great to get people dancing. My music at times may be edgy, surreal or humorous, but I also like to create what's uplifting, helping inspire people to make positive changes in their lives and world.

I'd like our set list to be free of songs that heavily promote quick sex or drugs. I also want to avoid the us vs. them mentality that helped sink the Sixties. I'm not seeking to censor others, but I want to stay true to what I think is best.

I'm also open to including your originals and choices for covers.

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