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Preparation for Your Photoshoot

Thanks for participating in the Beautiful People Project.

This page explains what to expect, how to prepare and what to bring. It can help you prepare for work with other photographers, as well.

I suggest printing this entire web page as a helpful checklist, even if you've done photoshoots before.

Please allow two hours for the shoot and let’s talk that morning to confirm. You are welcome to bring a friend to the shoot. They may help with your clothes, makeup, posing ideas or just make you feel more comfortable. If you're bringing others, please let me know in advance.

If we're shooting outdoors, feel free to suggest a location that reflects your interests in life, aspects of your personality, or that you just think would be a good background.

Here’s some guidelines for even better photographs. Except for the motorcycles and helicopters :), most of this applies to both indoor and outdoor shoots:

  • Please be well rested, sober and alert for your shoot.

  • Women: Consider special styling for your hair, makeup and a manicure before the shoot.

  • Men: Consider getting a haircut or trim one to seven days before the shoot. For facial hair: trim, shave or allow for the number of days' beard growth that you like best. Avoid shaving just before the shoot if you tend to break out.

  • Get in as good shape as you can before your shoot. Workout just before the shoot so you’re “pumped”.

Men and women can also bring:

  • A few different shirts such as an athletic shirt, one or more T shirts, a sport and/or dress shirt. I recommend including but not limiting yourself to simple clothes and solid colors. If you like, include a revealing bathing suit (under your clothes if we're shooting outdoors). You can choose a fairly wide range of outfits, both casual and dressy - whatever makes you feel very attractive and sexy...   but please avoid any commercial logos such as Nike, Izod, LaCoste, Ralph Lauren, etc.

  • If we're shooting outdoors, a bathing suit instead of underwear will make it easier for you to change clothes.

  • Clothes that reflect different roles from work, play, sports and fantasy can be very interesting. Examples may be delicate, rough, macho, chaste, provocative or refined. Tight clothes are fine, and we can also get more creative... various hats, a headband, scarves, glasses and sunglasses, jewelry, roller blades...

  • Women: Clothes that bring out your femininity as well as your more serious side: business, casual, weekend and formal evening wear. Several different kinds of costume jewelry, scarves and other accessories and adornments.

  • Men: At least one change for each of the following: your best fitting, most elegantly tailored suit and tie (or sport coat and tie if you don't have a suit), business casual such as sport shirt and khakis, polo shirt, t shirt and jeans.

  • A comb, brush and mirror for your hair

  • A rag to wipe your face, in case you sweat, get dirty, etc. You might bring powder and extra makeup for your face.

  • Eye drops in case something gets in your eyes (especially if you’re wearing contacts).

  • A sheet or blanket so we can take some dramatic shots with the ground or floor as backdrop.

  • A CD or tape player and some of your favorite music. If we're shooting indoors, I already have a CD player.

  • Any props you like, from a cell phone to a motorcycle. (I know your helicopter is in the shop right now :) Choose items that reflect your personality and interests. For example, an artist might bring some of her sketches to include in the photos. An intellectual might bring some of his favorite books.

  • ...and whatever else you might like to bring.

I'll have a copy of your signed Agreement for your records. To back up this Agreement, please bring an official, government photo ID such as your driver's license or passport, both the original and a black and white copy for me to keep. Please note: This is required before I will do a photoshoot with you.

If I haven't seen these already, it may be helpful for me to have a copy of your resume and any photography, design, artwork or writing that you’ve done.

If you can’t make the shoot for any reason, just let me know as much in advance as you can by calling (917) 428-1061 instead of just e-mailing. (I don't always access e-mail.) I don’t mind re-scheduling if, for example, a person’s face breaks out.

I’m looking forward to this photoshoot as an opportunity to portray various aspects of your personality, enthusiasms and passions about life.


P.S. Here's more Info on the project. If you have any questions, you're welcome to contact me at:

Phone and text: 1-917-428-1061  |  Skype: bill.newzoom  |  E-mail:

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