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Bill's Photos of Ecuador
Towns in the Andes Mountains

Two shy Otavalo schoolgirls, foto 3 of 3

Otavalo 2 Schoolgirls, foto 1 of 3 Otavalo 2 Schoolgirls, foto 2 of 3

Two shy schoolgirls in Otavalo, a market town north of Quito, the capital

I work to show the humanity of people. We have so much to gain from each other.

Shoeshine on main street, Ibarra, north of Otavalo, 1984
Above: Shoeshine on main street, Ibarra, north of Otavalo. Right: Selling cascaras de guayabas (pods of guava fruit), Ibarra.

IbarraVegVendorsWeb1.jpg (39522 bytes)

Two elderly women walking on a street in Otavalo, Ecuador, 1984
Closer view of two elderly women in Otavalo, 1984
Two elderly women in Otavalo

Quechua Indian girl in Otavalo, Ecuador, 1984. LINK to photo portfolio.
Quechua Indian girl in Otavalo

All photos taken
in 1984

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