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The Beautiful People Project
More info for participants

Thanks for considering participating.

You've received a big compliment. I approach just a few people that I think can offer something of great beauty to the world. Some are activists, artists or writers working towards positive changes in their lives and the world around them. Others I've selected, sometimes right on the street, because I sensed there was something beautiful inside them and/or they are exceptionally good-looking women and men.

A very short history of this project
There's profound beauty in every person - and I've tried to reflect this in my photography for many years. I've also volunteered thousands of hours for worthy causes. But this project began with a focus on individuals that I believed many people would consider the most physically attractive.

Interviewing this somewhat random group of people, I was impressed by their ideas, goals and activities of great beauty. They helped inspire me to expand this project.

Additional breakthroughs in my life, the culmination of many years of work on myself, further inspired me. I now also work to help participants realize much more of their potential, too.

Reasons to participate
There are at least six good reasons to participate:

  1. You are achieving great success and joy in life, and you would like to help others do the same.
  2. Your life is not working as well as it could. All participants can have at least one half hour sample of my Life Coaching services.
  3. Both of the above are partly true, so you have two very good reasons to participate!
  4. You just want some very good photos.
  5. This project is fun.
  6. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed:

If we decide to work together, you'll get my Four GuaranteesTM:

  1. You'll be fully satisfied with your free photography - or we do at least one additional 30 minute photoshoot.
  2. You'll enjoy the entire process, including a meeting that explores what is beautiful about you and your life, and how you can achieve greater happiness and success.
  3. You'll gain added appreciation of what's beautiful in your life and world.
  4. You'll receive at least one insight that can make your life better - permanently. If not, you will get at least 30 minutes of additional, free life coaching.

I personally back up these Guarantees.

How it works
If you're interested in participating, we can meet and talk further. There's no pressure. You can even participate in other benefits of this project without being photographed.

In our first meeting, usually at my office or a mutually convenient café, you have an excellent chance to express yourself. This improves our rapport and makes for much better photography. This meeting can be less than an hour.

Please bring your resume, if you have one. I can probably suggest ways to improve it, as I have for hundreds of volunteers I've managed in my public service work.

If you have them, please bring more photographs of you - anything from professional photos to grainy cell phone selfies. Seeing how you work with the camera, I'll come up with new ideas to help create more valuable photos for you. I don't need to keep these photos.

If you do any art, photography or writing, please bring that, also. None of this is required, but it's helpful for me to see. You don't need to make copies for me to keep.

If you decide to do a photoshoot, I'll dedicate extra time to put you at ease, using professional photographic techniques to help you be your best.

Photos of you may appear eventually in gallery exhibits, mass media magazine articles, a book on inner and outer beauty and other media, but none of these are likely to happen soon. I'm giving greater emphasis to my Life Coaching and public service work.

A model release puts in writing how your photos can be used, with specific limitations on me and protections for you. If you find it agreeable, I'll also need to see your photo ID and keep a copy. I need to confirm that each participant is who they say they are, as backup for the release.

The release commits me to treat you ethically. You get a copy with my signature, as well.

For this project, I've already photographed more than 40 people with a total of more than 2,500 pictures. This project may continue several more years and perhaps lifelong.

Your photos can happen much sooner! Before and during your photo session, I’ll ask questions to help you think about and express more of yourself. Participants enjoy this opportunity to express ideas they find important in life.

Your answers may be shown along with the photos. You don’t have to answer any questions you’re not comfortable with.

See also: Prep for Your Photoshoot. You might also be interested in Some Thoughts on Ethics, Sex, Sexual Identity, Modeling, Acting, Fashion and Fitness.

The interview/free coaching session offers you several advantages over conventional point and shoot photography:

  • You can express yourself to the world.
  • It puts you at ease for a more relaxed photoshoot with much better results.
  • You'll find the questions thought provoking and helpful for thinking about your life.
  • It helps me to make suggestions that can be permanently useful for your life.

Participants enjoyed the whole process and are very satisfied with their results.

I'll show you all the photos we take, except for a few which I may permanently delete from the camera during the photoshoot.

As a participant, you can choose your very best photos. You get more free, if you purchase some at reduced prices. The photoshoot fees listed at the top are waived for participants in the project.

There is no pressure to buy anything..

More info on me is here.

Thanks for your interest,


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