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Price List*
Satisfaction Guaranteed for All Services

Photos shot on a high quality, Canon digital SLR:  
Full-Day Photoshoot
You choose the time and locations, indoors and/or outside, up to seven hours of photography. Long distance travel involves additional charges.
$500 + expenses


Two Hour In-Depth Photoshoot*
I take a total of two full hours to establish a rapport and photograph you in-depth. This could be in my studio and/or outdoors. (I work in Washington Heights, with plenty of interesting architecture for backgrounds.)

I take at least 50 photos. You choose the ones you like best.

$500 includes your choice of the best ten 100kb digital images for unlimited personal use to promote your career. You could re-size the images smaller at no extra charge, or I could do it for you, $5 each.

During that time, I’d also share some professional career advice for you. I have 25 years successful business experience. I've helped hundreds of people with their careers.

All the other discounts described on this web page also apply.

Color prints
Each: 5" x 7"
8" x 10"
11" x 14"
4" x 6" copy of 25 photos
4" x 6" copy of 50 photos

Digital images - for use in your personal website and e-mails
Approximately 100K in size (you can re-size them smaller yourself for no extra charge)
Resized any smaller size when purchased with 100K size

Bulk reprints $125 and up + supplier's charges**
  • Satisfaction fully guaranteed upon delivery of all items and services or you get a full refund. Of course, you cannot keep those photos.
  • Prices in effect May 27, 2015
  • No extra charge for black and white or color.
  • Discounts available: 15% off purchases over $200 or 20% off the whole order if more than $400 made at the same time. These discounts do not apply to photoshoot charges.
  • Additional 10% off two or more identical copies if purchased at the same time.
  • Further discounts for larger quantities. Please inquire.
  • Prices are for standard quality prints. Custom professional quality control is extra. Dimensions of prints are approximate.
  • Payment is in advance.
  • Shipping and handling is $5 total for any size order, usually sent USPS First Class mail. No delivery charge for images delivered in person or sent over the Internet.
  • Restrictions apply on the use and reproduction of these works. All printed photographs and images are for use only in that format. No scans or reproductions may be made without specific, written permission from the Photographer.
  • Any digital photos can be used an unlimited number of times without further charge in your personal emails and personal websites to promote yourself. They may be used in websites that promote your personal acting or modeling work, and in any business with less than $100,000 net income, where you are the sole proprietor. They may not be used to promote any other businesses without negotiating additional payment..
  • You agree to avoid any other reproductions or usages without the express, written consent of the Photographer, who may charge for such usage.
  • Different prices apply for art photos of others by the Photographer, not part of your personal photo shoot.
  • Extra discounts for participants in The Beautiful People Project. These prices are explained below.

*If you are selected for a FREE photo shoot, prices above only apply if there is additional photography, reprints or website work. You get the in-depth photoshoot completely free.
     You'll be able to keep your choice of the very best one for a free 100Kb digital photo for use in your personal email and website, or one free 5" x 7" enlargement taken at your photo shoot. No purchase required.
     Additionally, you'll get one additional free photo for each four you purchase. You'll also receive a 15% discount on all regular NewZoom prices for a full year after your first photo shoot, as posted here at This discount is in addition to the other discounts above. Further, all the above prices (and your extra discounts) are guaranteed for 90 days from date of your first photo shoot with the Photographer. After that, prices will be set by the Photographer or NewZoom.
     No shipping charges apply if photos are delivered at an interview or photo shoot for a NewZoom project.
     You can also get a total of 20% off website services. Images included in that offer are in addition to the free prints you get as a participant in the Beautiful People ProjectTM.
     Other usage restrictions on this web page still apply.
     Please note: For your discount offers to take effect, please bring the original of an official, government photo ID such as your driver's license or passport and at the same time provide a copy of that document for us to keep.

**Bulk Reprints

  • Additional charges apply to the use of images for post cards, posters, magazines, websites and other large-volume usage. This is negotiated on an individual basis.
  • For example: Using an image on a music CD cover would be $75 + 25 cents/CD printed for the first 1000 CDs. This is a usage licensing fee and does not include printing or CD burning that may be done by you at the supplier of your choice. Usage on a poster or post card would be $75 + 12 cents/copy for the first 1000. Prices are lower for additional copies after the first 1000.
  • Discounts available for larger quantities, multiple use and the use of more than one image.
  • Bulk reprints include additional terms. Please inquire.
  • Additional discounts apply for participants in The Beautiful People Project. Please see above.

For more information, contact Bill:

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