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Outstanding accomplishments and abilities
Bill helped AIP attain success that exceeded all projections. In view of his outstanding accomplishments and abilities, I highly recommend him to you.
     - Daniel Borochoff, Founder and President, American Institute of Philanthropy (now, Chicago, IL)

Exceptional skills
Bill is a hard worker whose exceptional skills in advertising, marketing and sales turned even difficult clients and prospects into satisfied, loyal customers. Bill would be an excellent addition to any enterprise.
     - Phil Cunningham, formerly Vice President of Sales, Downtown Express newspaper

An asset to your organization
At the Council on Economic Priorities, we were offering detailed, technical reports at up to $100 each and $1,500 for an annual subscription. Facing a difficult marketing challenge, Bill used his full range of direct mail expertise to create a very effective program. I am confident that he could be an asset to your organization as well.
     - Gretchen Kettenhofen, deceased, was Director of Development for the Council on Economic Priorities.

Bill worked on print, broadcast, direct mail, telemarketing, preparation of client presentations and marketing analyses for nationwide efforts in the U.S., England, Canada and France. During complex, hectic and demanding activity, I was able to fully depend on Bill's help. He also made innovations that improved our long-term effectiveness. With confidence, I recommend him.
     - Edwin F. McDonald, Jr., formerly Director, Power for Living

Note: All quotes above are from Bill's professional advertising, marketing and communication work. Individuals above were not life coaching clients. To protect privacy, quotes, links, letters and photos are only
provided with permission.

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