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PHoto of Ami FAmi has good reasons to smile

Wide range of wise advice
Bill has a wonderful talent for helping people. He's great for both personal and professional challenges.  My "secret" goal as a life coach is to offer life coaching that's as helpful as possible for you.
His NewZoom Coaching teaches an affirmative, empowering way of thinking. In some ways, this is better than therapy.

Bill helped me to focus on the specific steps that I needed to move my career forward. For example, thanks to his advice and encouragement, I successfully negotiated a significant salary increase.

Bill's has a calming influence. His unflappable demeanor, outstanding listening skills and strong problem-solving abilities enable him to defuse stressful situations and cool tempers. When I need wise, level-headed advice on personal relationships, family matters and a wide range of business challenges, I turn to Bill.

I encourage anyone facing obstacles to let Bill help you get past those roadblocks to bigger and better things!
   - Amiad Finkelthal, PR and social media professional, New York, NY

Faster than therapy
I appreciate the way Bill gets right to the most important issues and uses our time well. Bill is very insightful. He always has helpful advice on anything I bring up.

Bill makes me feel at ease and even brings up helpful, personal stories to which I can easily relate. His NewZoom Coaching is much more engaging than therapy. I gain so much more from each session than weeks of therapy. Thank you Bill!
       - Rina G., student

Photo of Natalia McCarty by SacchiNatalia is moving towards her bold, artistic life goals
Photo by Stephanie Sacchi

Greater satisfaction in work and life
Thanks to Bill, I’m more organized and less stressed. I have a better understanding of myself, and I work more effectively towards my goals.

Bill helped me to see that I’m strong and worthy of success. He motivated me to improve my focus, develop inner strength, and find greater satisfaction in my work and life.
  - Natalia McCarty, musician, Queens, NY

Practical solutions
From our very first meeting, Bill’s coaching helped me to feel more ambitious, hopeful, and happy!

Bill has a wonderful, warm personality that helps me feel comfortable, even when talking about very difficult issues.

His focus includes the big picture and daily, practical solutions. Bill’s NewZoom Coaching helps me feel better about myself and build on the skills and strengths I already have. I’ve also gained motivation and strength to repair damaged friendships and relationships.

Bill’s insights into my life and obstacles never cease to amaze me. The ideas and techniques Bill shares will stay with me forever. Their value is limitless!

Bill's is very inspirational, and I strongly recommend him to you.
       - Jay Sharp, artist and musician, Brooklyn, NY

Helpful insights
I gained helpful insights from speaking with you. For example, taking more time to enjoy life more while still working to achieve great things now and in the future.
       - Aleksey, student

Very practical, healing
Bill has a gift for healing. I always feel better after speaking with him. This even includes feeling some physical healing from my serious neck injury. I consistently find Bill's insights are very practical and helpful.
  - Robert Richartz

Your sessions are amazing!
Thank you, Bill, for all the insightful advice you gave me during your coaching. You really hit home when you said to me that I'm trying to recreate the past and fix it from there.

Your sessions are amazing! I'm letting friends know so hopefully you can shine some light on.

I also love the fact that you are genuinely trying to help others. People like you are rare these days. Thank you so much!
 - Michael Song, actor and model

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