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Who We Are

Bill is founder and president of NewZoom Productions. He has overcome serious personal challenges done personal life coaching for decades, including helping hundreds of volunteers since 1996.

Bill also has over 45 years of photography and 30 years of successful, professional writing. Bill also has more than 16 years as webmaster and editor-in-chief of a major public service website. This includes writing extensively for this site with over 600 web pages. This site has already reached than 13.6 million visitors. They've downloaded over 50 million articles and features.

Bill has worked since 1981 in very successful marketing and communications enterprises, from small startups to Fortune 500 corporations.

Bill also thanks:

  • My family for helping me become who I am.
  • Hernan, Loren and Martin - for their experienced legal advice on the release agreement, copyright and other legal issues.
  • Robert U. for his excellent advice on photography.
  • John E. for his insights into beauty and meaning in life, and suggestions for the website
  • Angelo M. and Ami F. for their professional consulting, including marketing and website design input.
  • Avi and Adantae for their help during photoshoots. Avi also for his marketing input.
  • Many people for their supportive friendship and advice.
  • Steve B. for his advice, encouragement and help.
  • Robert R. for his spiritual advice.
  • Ahmed, Adam, Alex, Aleksey, Alfa, Alice Naomi, Antoine, Dan, Dennis, Dio, Doug, Eliza, Heland, Jillian, Jörg, Katie, Mike, Mike K., Phil, Rick, Ryan, Sarah, Stephen F., Steve L., Steve M., Wouter and others who participated in The Beautiful People Project.
  • Last and also first, God.

You can contact Bill now:

Phone and text: 1-917-428-1061  |  Skype: bill.newzoom  |  E-mail:

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