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Photo of Matt smiling, happy with lifeThe more we do, the better we can feel

It's easier than many people realize to improve our lives.

For best results, keep this list handy. Add more of what makes you happy. I'd love to know what you suggest, so I can share it with others.

You have many choices. Here's more than 30 options:

  • Sit or stand up straight and smile.

  • Relax. Take slow, deep breaths.

  • Watch some comedy. I like Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Monty Python, the early Three Stooges, and Marx Brothers movies.

  • Eat something healthy and tasty. Savor and enjoy it.

  • Do some housecleaning.

  • Go through your possessions, decide what to keep and give away, recycle and throw out

  • Enjoy a warm shower or bath.

  • Listen to music you love. Sing along.

  • Dance, even by yourself.

  • Look at beautiful art in a museum, a book or online.

  • Go to a movie, show or concert.

  • Read a newspaper, magazine or book.

  • Write a letter to the editor and/or your elected representatives for an issue you care about.

  • Bring something to read or do in a park or café. Appreciate the sights, sounds and smells along  the way.

  • Attend a local sports event. Root for your team.

We can all find happiness
and many kinds of nourishment
in everyday

  • Go to a farmer’s market. Enjoy seeing and buying what’s in season.

  • Go to the zoo or botanical garden. Marvel at the wide range of beautiful life forms. You're one of the best!

  • Take up an old hobby or try a new one.

  • Exercise. Check with medical and exercise professionals before doing something new or more vigorous. Take it easy at first. Build up gradually.

  • Write an email or letter, or make a phone call. to someone you like.

  • Have a get together or a party.

  • Get romantic with your partner.

Closeup of Ann smilingOur inner beauty is reflected outside

  • Find local Meetup groups in your area. Their website makes it easy to meet people who enjoy your interests.

  • Volunteer for your local community or a larger issue.

  • Do yoga or stretching exercises.

  • Pray or meditate.

  • Make a list of the positive things you’ve experienced, savor the memories and feel good about each one. It can be helpful to review and add to a list like this on a regular basis.

  • Make a Gratitude List of all the good things in your life now. Also include wonderful beautiful things in the world.

  • Thank people for nice things they did for you. Tell them that you really appreciate them.

  • Feel good about the helpful things you've done for others. Consider how you can do even more.

  • What would you like to do? You have many good options. What would you enjoy? What moves you closer to your short- and long-term goals?

  • Visualize your future, more successful, happier self.

  • Take a step towards your dreams. Take another step.

  • Consider a free, introductory life coaching session to accelerate your progress.

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