Picture of horse grazing in Papaye, Haiti

Ruins of a kiln, worn-out pasture, eroded hills, thinning clouds and blue sky in Papaye, Haiti

Photo of evergreen forest in Grand Teton National Park.Mountain reflected in calm lake,  Grand Teton National ParkNewZoom - for a more beautiful lifeTM

Earlier Work: Bill's Photographic Philosophy and Portfolio

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One Day's Photos in NYC - split seconds in the procession of time

Ann - a beautiful smile

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Abraham - immigrant from Burkina Faso, serious boxer and student striving for a better life  
Mike - working for big changes  |  Additional, recent photos

The best photography, I believe, involves more than technical ability. Photography, like any art, can reflect our highest goals in life. For me, this includes:

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  • Finding beauty
  • Opening hearts and minds
  • Inspiring positive changes
  • Creating constructive, new connections
  • Reflecting the transcendent beauty of nature and the Spirit, however we may choose to believe
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bbecufrtstandcloseup.JPG (30982 bytes)Portrait photography
The photo session is an opportunity to explore many aspects of a person. I work to create a friendly, open rapport. Together, we can communicate with BBmex2kidsweb.JPG (33567 bytes)those who view our work.

At various times, we all express different aspects of our personalities. Each of us has a public persona that we present to the world. Then, there are many parts of us we keep hidden, sometimes even from ourselves. Engaging in conversation, I encourage people to express deeper facets of their character - their moods, passions, conflicts and dreams.

The ultimate goal is to discover very beautiful things inside us...

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fallcastle.JPG (18268 bytes)bbecu6boys.JPG (32292 bytes)Travel photography
I enjoy travel and try to speak the languages where I visit. I speak English, Spanish, French, Italian,  Portuguese, Haitian Creole, and a bit of Mandarin Chinese.

Speaking peoples' languages is a big help in understanding other cultures. We enrich our lives with the many, sometimes deep personal connections we can make.

Sometimes, the further we travel, the more we learn what’s inside us, too.

I especially enjoy visiting places off the beaten path. People in "less developed" areas often share joy and warm hospitality, despite their poverty. They have a gentleness and humility that transcends material possessions. I try to show this in my work.

Many things inspire me in my travels - and there is much that disturbs me. I’ve seen grinding poverty first hand. This is totally unnecessary in a world with an abundance of sustainable resources. No one need go hungry - yet more than 923 million people do every day. Everyone should have open opportunities to make the most of their potential and contribute to society.

Now more than ever, we need all the help we can get to create positive alternatives for our world. We have so much to gain from each other.

Change is possible. I actively support effective programs that help our local communities and people all over the world. This is a great source of fulfillment in my life. I urge you to do what you can, too.

Nature photography
We live in a naturally diverse, beautiful, awe inspiring world. I work to reflect this. I want to help inspire people to protect our fragile environment, both for ourselves and future generations.

bbtetonvalley.JPG (31294 bytes) bbocean.JPG (32285 bytes) Mountain and lake in Grand Teton National Park
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Photographs, in order of appearance:

  • Haiti, 2012.
  • Two scenes in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, in the same week that a man first walked on the moon, 1969.
  • Stream in Catskill Mountain State Park, New York, c. 1998
  • Andean flower near Otavalo, Ecuador, 1984
  • Long and medium shots of a lemon vendor in Otavalo Ecuador, 1984
  • Portrait of two Mexican schoolboys and two grapefruits :), 1983
  • Three scenes from Otavalo, Ecuador: meat vendor, country road, two girls, 1984
  • Group of children on a hill above the Centro Colonial in Quito, Ecuador, 1984BBmex4kids.JPG (37058 bytes)
  • Fall foliage and castle near Garrison, New York, 1996
  • View from Big Sur Highway, California, between two photos from Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA, 1969
  • View of fall foliage on the Hudson River near the Bear Mountain Bridge, Harriman State Park, New York, 1996
  • Four children in Mexico, 1983
  • Flowering weed near Garrison, New York, 1996

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