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Great motivator, highly skilled
Bill is a great motivator, and he works great with others under his leadership. I have known him to be very detailed and highly skilled. His work with those less fortunate should be commended.
     - Sandino H.

Dedicated, attentive CEO
Bill is a dedicated and passionate individual fighting global poverty and taking the necessary steps to bring to light the issues of the less fortunate.

He is also an attentive CEO who listens and teaches the members of his organization, where new skills such as accounting, writing and office software knowledge can be easily obtained.
     - Daniel B., lawyer

Bill cares deeply
My first contact with Bill occurred when I had found his charity on the internet and I phoned to inquire about volunteering. I was surprised that Bill answered the call, and was increasingly impressed as we spoke about the opportunities within the charity. Following our conversation, I was excited to get started.

Upon my arrival at his office, it quickly became apparent that Bill is a leader who is worthy of the utmost respect. He cares deeply about the millions of poverty-stricken people of all ages around the world and has made it his life’s work to educate himself and others on ways to address the severe hardships they face.

Steadfast in his belief that each of us can make a difference, Bill focuses great attention on his volunteers. While he is kind to anyone with whom he comes in contact, his true appreciation of those who donate their time is always evident. Bill devotes much energy getting to know each volunteer well. He clearly is dedicated to mentoring each of us on an individual basis.

As brilliant as he is, Bill is never condescending. He believes in collaboration and will take as much time as needed to ensure that all members of a group have had their questions answered. He is patient and kind and relates well to everyone.

Personally, I met Bill after having faced some of my biggest challenges yet. Since then, not a day has gone by when I have not thought about how fortunate I am to have met such an upbeat, considerate and unassuming person who is not only a wonderful boss, but an invaluable mentor
     - Melissa K., Executive Assistant

Strong commitment
Bill runs a campaign to help end poverty. He has a strong commitment to see that the right changes to society can benefit everyone. Bill is a leader who uses his own tools to uplift those who feel powerless in this world. I applaud his work and hope he continues his mission.
     - Denessa B.

A very valuable manager, a great inspiration

Bill is a very valuable manager with a lot of good ideas and intentions. He's always ready to share his experience and solve problems regarding different aspects of a business. He is a great inspiration for everyone who has the luck to work with him.

His organization has very effective solutions to end poverty all over the world. Working there is a valuable experience and an opportunity to know people all over the world doing something useful for those in need.
     - Nicolò B., student at Università degli Studi di Torino, Italy

A pleasure to work with

Bill's passion for the work of the End Poverty Campaign is genuine and infectious, and makes him a pleasure to work with.
     - James B., Drupal-focused web developer, trainer, project manager

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