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More on Discounts and Refunds
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Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed
 My "secret" goal as a life coach is to offer life coaching that's as helpful as possible for you.
You can purchase your NewZoom Coaching online. It's secure and easy with PayPalTM

Additional discounts for low income, veterans, seniors 65 and older, students, immigrants, those who work in creative or helping professions, and others. Negotiated based on your situation. These special rates are not necessarily renewable.

Discounted clients can get all the same services described in this website, the same multi-session discounts on this page, and the same guarantees.

Those given discounts are offered ways to reciprocate. These projects and tasks take a reasonably small amount of time. You can always turn down such requests without losing any of the services you purchased.

If you're ill or physically challenged, you may also receive a discount. Bill may do coaching at your location at no extra charge.

Phone and Skype sessions are available at the same rates, though you may find that in-person works even better for you.

Payment always due by the start of a session, earlier payment appreciated. You can pay in person with cash, check or credit card. You can pay online with any major credit card. It's secure and easy with PayPal.

Guarantees and refunds
Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. You can discontinue at any time. Bill and NewZoom have this right, as well.

You can receive a full refund for any session where you don't feel that the coaching provides many times what you paid. You must request this by the end of that session.

For prepaid sessions, you may receive a pro-rated refund. This means you get back everything except what your previous sessions would have cost, unless you feel you were dissatisfied with them, as well.

Before receiving a refund, you may be asked to spend up to 10 minutes explaining why you were not satisfied. This can help improve NewZoom for everyone (hopefully still including you : ).

If you're still dissatisfied after the 10 minutes, even if Bill still thinks you have gained great value, he will give your full refund. This is done once your payment is on hand to give back to you. If you sent a check, you may have to wait until your payment clears. If NewZoom does not have the funds immediately, it will be sent to you within a month. There are no surcharges or handling fees.

Sessions cancelled at least 48 hours ahead can always be rescheduled or fully refunded. Eighty percent is refunded or credited (your choice) if you cancel with at least 24 hours notice, 50 percent if you cancel at least 2 hours ahead. Notice by phone, voicemail, text or email is fine.

If you arrive late for a session, the time you are late counts as part of the session. For example, if you're scheduled to start at 8 pm but arrive 8:15, a 60 minute session will still end at 9 and be charged as a full hour.

An exception is made for major transit delays or other big disruptions clearly beyond your control. If this happens, Bill will refund or reschedule (your choice) for the lost time.

If Bill is ever late for any reason, he'll notify you as soon as he reasonably can. You'll get all the time you missed. You may even receive some additional time that Bill decides helps make up for your inconvenience.

Subject to change
Except when paid in advance, all rates and discounts subject to change. Changes posted on this web page.

NewZoom seeks to inform each active client at least two weeks in advance of any rate changes or significant policy changes . Notice may be given in person, by phone, voicemail, text or email.

Rates are guaranteed for all sessions paid in advance. Pre-paid sessions must be used within a year of purchase.

If more generous guarantees and policies are offered in this website, current clients are usually automatically included. They can also opt to keep the old terms until at least two weeks' notice is over.

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You can purchase your NewZoom Coaching now. It's secure and easy with PayPal.

You can contact Bill now:

Phone and text: 1-917-428-1061  |  E-mail:
Skype: bill.newzoom

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